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                                        The History of the Bletchley and District Bowls League



 The Bletchley and District Bowls League has been in

 existence since at least 1948 when the above trophy was awarded to Bletchley St Martins BC

as the winners for that year.

Things are a bit sketchy after that as it became known as the Grouse League for a number of years when it was sponsored by Famous Grouse Whiskey

In 1994 the sponsorship was assumed by Roy Mason Funeral Directors who continued to award bottles of Grouse whiskey to the winners, runners up and each club that entered. 

The league comprised of two divisions and the winners of each division played each other in the final.

The winners were presented with the blue urn trophy entitled Champion of Champions which is engraved around the sides with the teams listed below




1994 Stony Stratford BC

1995 Chandos Park BC

1996  Olney BC

1997 Bletchley Town BC

1998 Wolverton Park BC

1999  Chandos Park BC

2000 Olney BC

2001 Olney BC

2002 Olney BC

2003 Bletchley Town BC

2004  Chandos Park BC

2005  Chandos Park BC

2006 Bletchley Town BC

2007 Woburn Sands BC

2008  Chandos Park BC

2009 Chandos Park BC

2010 Chandos Park BC

2011 Chandos Park BC

2012 Chandos Park BC

2013 Chandos Park BC

2014 Bletchley Town BC

2015 Chandos Park BC

2016  Stony Stratford BC

2017  Comp Not Played

2018  Olney


The runners up were presented with the below pictured trophy as division winners.

This trophy is engraved commencing in 1964 so it must be assumed that this was the trophy from 1964 to 1994.

With the termination of the sponsorship of Roy Mason the council have decided that they would prefer the original cup to be used in future. The current sponsors Niftylift Ltd have not been approached for a trophy.

In 2011 a competition based on the original league was implemented for mixed teams and in spite of a slow start it is now more popular than the Men’s competition. A trophy presented by Brian Currie Transport.


It is engraved as follows

2011 North Crawley BC

2012  Bradwell BC

2013 Wolverton Town BC

2014 Bletchley St Martins BC

2015 Wolverton Town BC

2016 Bletchley St Martins BC.

2017  Comp Not Played

2018  Newport Pagnell